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The “Potatoes” Restaurant Opens in Prague, Offering Original… Potato Recipes

Antonie, Bluestar, Ballerina or Laura. These are the name of domestic potato varieties. And it is with them that a new restaurant concept has been born.

Brambory (Potatoes), yes this is the name (blunt and to the point, we like it), is being opened by the gastronomic group Together in Pankrác, Prague.

And yes, potatoes will obviously play a major role in it.

Chef Lukáš Soukup and his team want to show that these traditional vegetables don’t have to be just a boring side dish – or that they don’t have to be a side dish at all.

The Together Group stands for companies such as the Vinohrady Parliament, Sia, Bruxx or Cukrář Skála, and since November you will also find it close to the Arkády shopping center in Pankrác.

Brambory will serve dishes supplemented with potato varieties from around the world.

Do you like potatoes like fries, patatas bravas, tortillas, in soup, with squid, or even ceviche? All this will be possible here.But of course, also in the classic potato salad, mash, or croquettes.

exteriér restaurace brambry

“The more we became interested in the details about the potatoes

We found it interesting to show that the potato is not just a boiled or fried side dish,” explained David Petřík, one of the owners of the Together Group, about the idea of ​​the new concept.

In the restaurant, they want to incorporate the Czech culture by working with many varieties of potato which originate here. 

However, the menu will also include, for example, the German Annabelle, the Dutch Agria or the French Celtiane.“There are hundreds of potatoes in the world and their taste is affected by the soil, just like wine,” added Petřík.“They have incredibly diverse shapes, colours, taste differences, in addition, they are represented in menus across continents. In the new concept, we would like to show that this crop deserves attention.”

The potato concept is overseen by chef Lukáš Soukup

Who, under the leadership of Jiří Štift, worked in the popular Asian restaurant Sia, and will now reside in Pankrác, Prague.The inner part of the new restaurant can accommodate 160 guests. And next year another 50 seats will be added to the year-round covered garden.The architect Václav Červenka is responsible for the design of the company.

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